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Aeon Market, Base Price Guide

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Please note items will be added, these are a base guideline of all prices for Equipment, items disclosed are listed under values, please see other post for Resources.


Armadyl T70:
Armadyl Boots 5m
Armadyl Helm 10m
Armadyl Gloves 5m
Armadyl Chestplate 10m
Armadyl Chainskirt 10m

Ancient Warriors Equipement T78

Morrigan Coif 5m
Morrigan Leather Body 5m
Morrigan Leather Chaps 5m

Statius Full Helm 7m
Statius Platebody 7m
Statius Platelegs 7m
Statius Warhammer 7m

Vesta Chainbody 7m
Vesta Plateskirt 7m
Vesta Longsword 7-10m
Vesta Spear 7m

Zuriel Hood 7m
Zuriel Robe Bottom 7m
Zuriel Robe Top 7m
Zuriel Staff 7-10m

Bandos T65
Bandos Helmet 10m
Bandos Boots 5m
Bandos Chestplate 10-15m
Bandos Gloves 5m
Bandos Tassets 10-15m
Bandos Warshield 5m

Barrows T70 TBA

Dragon T60
Dragon Boots 250k
Dragon Chainbody 2-5m
Dragon Full Helm 10m
Dragon Helm 250k
Dragon Gauntlets 250k
Dragon Platelegs 1-2m
Dragon Plateskirt 1-2m
Dragon Platebody 10m

Ganodermic Armour T75
Ganodermic Boots 1m
Ganodermic Gloves 1m
Ganodermic Poncho 10m
Ganodermic Leggings 5m
Ganodermic Visor 5m

Gilded T40
Gilded Full Helm 5m
Gilded Platebody 5m
Gilded Platelegs 5m
Gilded Kiteshield 5m

Malevolent T90
Malevolent Cuirass 60m+
Malevolent Greaves 60m+
Malevolent Helm 40m+

Sirenic T90
Sirenic Chaps 40m
Sirenic Hauberk 40m
Sirenic Mask 30m

Sirenic Dyed TBA
Third Age

Tetsu - Not Tradeable, Prestige Only.

Torva T80
Torva Boots 10m
Torva Full Helm 25m+
Torva Gloves 10m
Torva Platebody 35m+
Torva Platelegs 35m+

Virtus T80
Virtus Robe Top 30m+
Virtus Robe Legs 30m+
Virtus Boots 10m+
Virtus Mask 25m+
Virtus Gloves 10m+
Virtus Book 10m+
Virtus Wand 20m+

Pernix T80
Pernix Cowl 25m+
Pernix Body 35m+
Pernix Boots 20-40m
Pernix Chaps 35m+
Pernix Gloves 20m+

Tectonic T90
Tectonic Robe Top 40m+
Tectonic Robe Bottom 40m+
Tectonic Mask 35m+

Third Age T65
Third Age Full Helm 10m+
Third Age Kiteshield 10m+
Third Age Platebody 10m+
Third Age Platelegs 10m+

Third Age Amulet 10m+
Third Age Mage Hat 10m+
Third Age Robe Top 10m+
Third Age Robe Bottom 10m+

Third Age Coif 10m+
Third Age Range legs 10m+
Third Age Range Top 10m+
Third Age Vambraces 10m+

Third Age Druid Wreath 10m+
Third Age Cloak 10m+
Third Age Druidic Robe Top 10m+
Third Age Druidic Robe Bottom 10m+
Third Age Druidic Staff 10m+

Hexcrest 5m
Focus Sight 10m+
Void Not Tradeable


Please Note Prices variables, may change & new items added, at any given time! depending the on descression of Xenthium

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