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Prestige Perks

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G'day all i've put in some thought into what could be incorporated into Aeon for prestiging, making it balanced for all difficulty levels & ironman status, may need to be motified accordingly, Considering the time and effort people will be putting in to Prestige, i've come up with a few perks that could be considered, all perks will range from Rank 1 - 5 for Aeon:

Combat Perks:

1. Attack - Your accuracy is increased by 1-5% P1 1% - P5 5%

2. Defence - Your overall defence is increased by 10% meaning you will take 10% less damage. P1 5%-10%

3. Hitpoints - You gain 5 total extra life points, or 50 if in x10 hits. P1 100hp, P5 104, or recharge rate 1-3x faster outside combat eg, 1x P1-P3, 2x P4, 3X P5.

4. Strength - Your max hit is increased by 5%. P1 1% - P5 5%

5. Range - Your ranged max & accuracy hit is increased by 5%. P1 1% - P5 5%

6. Magic - Your max magic hit & accuracy is increased by 10%. P1 5% - P5 10%


Note stat buffs for PVM only, nill status on PVP.


Skilling Perks:

7. Smithing - You have a 50% less chance to use bars while smithing. P1 10% - 50% P5, Magic: Superheat has the same effect.

8. Herblore - Any boosted stats last 35% longer (50% with Beserker prayer) P5.

9. Fishing - You have a 50% chance to catch double fish, and a small chance to catch a clue scroll casket, P1 10% - P5 50% chance to catch double fish, 1-5% chance for Clue casket.

10. Cooking - You cook two fish at a time, halved chance not to burn fish, at P5 you never burn fish.

11. Prayer - Drains 1-5% slower depending on Prestige level.

12. Slayer - You now have a chance to get double drops from slayer monsters.

13. Crafting - You have a chance not to use a material while crafting leather working/dragonhides. 

13.1 Fletching & Crafting: 10-50% chance not to use runes while enchanting bolts.

14. Thieving - You get access to different chests with different rewards based on prestige levels, when thieving from rouge den gems are noted.

15. Firemaking - Fires last 50% longer, spirit buff is 10-50% longer depending on prestige level.

16. Fletching - You have a chance of not using a bowstring when stringing bows, when crafting bolts/arrows you have a 5-25% chance not to use feathers & gems.

17. Woodcutting - You now cut 2 logs at the same time.

18. Farming - You now have a 5-25% chance to harvest 1.25-2.5 times the herbs on all patches.

19. Runecrafting - You have a 1-5% chance get triple runes, this stacks with multiple runes. P1-5.

20. Mining - You have a small chance at mining a dragonstone or onyx from all rocks, eg. Dragonstone 0.5-1% chance scaled via ore variations:

Tin/copper 0.05-0.10% Dragonstone, iron 0.10-0.15% Dragonstone, Coal 0.15-0.20% Dragonstone, Gold/Silver 0.25%-0.50% Dragonstone, Mithril 1-5% Dragonstone, Adamant 5-10% Dragonstone, Runite 10-15% Dragonstone.

 Tin/copper 0.005-0.010% Onyx, iron 0.010-0.015% Onyx, Coal 0.015-0.020% Onyx, Gold/Silver 0.025%-0.050% Onyx, Mithril 0.25%-0.50% % Onyx, Adamant 0.50%-0.75% Onyx, Runite 1.0-1.5% Onyx.

 lava flow mines and gem rocks give double gems up to dragonstone.

21. Construction POH altars give 0.5-2.5% boost for prayer xp, 10-25% chance not to use planks when building P1 10%- P5 25%

22. Dungeoneering: 25% more tokens when killing npcs, P1 5% P 5 25%, (To be added).


Gift of the Gods, each day due to your dedication on Aeon, the Gods have gifted you:

P1 1x extra SOF spin daily, P5 x5 extra spins daily, knock out that greedy goblin!.

Cb packs: 5-25 sets to make overloads and 5-25 Torstols, to set you up for farming PVM to please the gods!.

Finance pack: You've been gifted 100-500K! use it wisely!

Mystery pack: The Gods are pleased with your efforts! you've been given a mystery box which may supply you with a random assortment of skilling items to help you on your journey, ranging from gems Sapphire - Dragonstone, high level herbs, Mithril - Rune ores & bars,  Green to Black dragonhides x amount depending on Prestige rank.   


Note these suggestions are not confirmed nor finalized and will be updated and color coded if they're implemented, changes may occur.

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So, I really like these perks, I think you genuinely come up with some really decent ideas. But for some reason, I don't feel as if these types of perks should be obtained/rewarded via prestiging, it's hard to explain. I feel like these perks could be used elsewhere, being obtained/rewarded via a different method (I have no idea what). I'll leave it up to you, and others to discuss, but that's just my 2 cents. If the community collectively wants something via some method that I don't particularly agree with, I'll still do it, as it's for and about you guys.

I can tell you put in a lot of time and effort to come up with quality suggestions that cover all aspects of what you have in mind. I'm going to pin this topic in the hopes that people respond to it, giving their feedback and suggestions.

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Posted (edited)

The only thing I don't really agree with is the combat perks. I personally don't enjoy the idea of prestiging, so if at some point in the future I was bossing and a person who was p5 decided to crash me I likely wouldn't stand a chance at getting a drop.

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i like the idea the the prestige perks, gives a little something extra to strive for especially for the harder xp rates.

i support 

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I agree with Innocence on combat skills not being a perk because it would be unfair to other players who are also bossing and can't get a kill. I like the idea of the skilling perks but some of them seem a bit strong.

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I agree with Xenthium and innocence tbh. If the skilling perks were obtained in some other sort of way like an achievement or something. 

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