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  1. Hi There

    Welp, another spastic on the server... (welcome dude it's been a while, happy to see you again :D)
  2. Cap Skill lvls

    It doesn't attract me, so I don't support it, will just look weird and no point of having lvl 126 cap if there is no benefit to it, and it there would be benefits to it, it would just be weird. In my opinion that's nothing we really would need on the server
  3. Cap Skill lvls

    No support, no need for it to come ingame
  4. Summoning Guide

    Summoning Guide This is a simple summoning guide that will show you the way I did summoning. There are multiple ways doing summoning but this guide will show you one of the best methods in my opinion. How to get there: Task tab > Teleports > Skilling > More > More > More > Summoning The basics: You want to get these supplies. It contains; Shards, Pouches and your charms. There are different charms and these charms will give different amount of xp and require different levels to use. My method of summoning: lvl 1-28 lvl 28-56 lvl 56-64 lvl 64-83 lvl 83-89 lvl 89-99 **Note: This method may not be the best but it's the method I use when I do summoning and I find it very easy to do, if you know a better way please don't hesitate doing it your own way** - Usch
  5. Buying all rune bars

    all of them
  6. My drop log

    Bump, drop log has now been updated after a long time.
  7. Coins for leveling and milestones

    Want GP? Train slayer untill you can kill ganos and alch the rune items, really good moneymaker
  8. Guide Of Guides

    Brb I'm going to make a "Guide of Guide of guides"
  9. Lols Bag of tricks

    Skilling: there are 3 different skilling outfits already, woodcutting, thieving and mining. Would be cool if there would be more types of skilling outfits. Smithing: It doesn't really take much time to teleport to either furnace location across the map, both edgeville and falador has close furnaces to the lodestones. cooking: Cooking gauntles is a reward from SoF and can also be bought in one of the shops west of hope, close to the makeover mage. Thank you for the good work tho, told you I had a good feeling about you. Nice to see you put in work
  10. Absolute Shitposts

  11. Suggestions

    Support on every suggestion
  12. Lols Introduction

    Welcome to the server man, idk but I have really good feeling about you. Enjoy your stay
  13. Lucien Guide

    This is a simple guide how to defeat Lucien. This guide will tell you the easiest way to defeat him and what the essentials are to defeating him. Info about Lucien: Lucien is a high level boss and takes plenty of supplies and a good gear to kill, Lucien has different attack styles and I will talk more about those down below. Your setup: Since Lucien is one of the hardest bosses on the server you need plenty of supplies, I STRONGLY recommend using overloads since the overload potion restores your reduced stats from using saradomin brews. You also need plenty of restores because in the late fight you are going to switch to dragon bolts (e) and you need to have your stats high at all times (more of that down below). You want an Enhanced excalibur with you because this saves you supplies when you need to heal (mostly after drinking the overload potion). Keeping spare titans with you is also strongly recommended since your titan is going to take lots of damage during the fight and might die (more of that down below). Bring some steel of legends scrolls with you because this will help you speed up the fight even more (more of that down below.) Your gear: You want to bring the best gear you have, I'm currently wearing sirenic as body and legs which is T90 ranged gear with my dual chaotics. Lower end gear is fine as well, T70 gear work just fine. (Ignore my dragon boots because they are not range armor and I just don't have any range boots right now). The important part is to bring with you lots of Ruby bolts (e) and Dragon bolts (e). Also having a full slayer helm increases your damage output by 15% if you're on a Lucien boss task which is great to have, but it's also fine with any other range helm. The fight: Starting off the fight you want to pray ranged at ALL times since Luciens strongest attacks are ranged based. Lucien does however have special attacks and a magic based attack. When you start the kill you want to use your Ruby bolts (e). These bolts are HP % based and hit really hard in the early fight. They are capped at 2k damage. When Lucien starts to get low health (below 3k health) you want to switch to your Dragon bolts (e). You can check his health at all times by rightclicking Lucien and click "examine". You also want to start speccing Lucien at this point with your steel titan using the titans special attack "Steel of Legends". This speeds up the kill and because your stats might be reduced your Dragon bolts (e) wont hit as hard so the titan can help you out. The titan helps out more than just speeding up the kill, there is a possibility that the titan will tank some of the incoming damages hence why you should bring a few titan pouches with you. Id really recommend this method because Luciens most used special attack hits really hard. This is one of Luciens special attcks, when he is waving with his staff and that black skull comes out of it, it means Lucien is going to do his Non-blockable special attack. This attack always damages you OR your titan with 500 damage, there is always a 10 second delay before he can use this attack again. This is also why it's really good to bring a titan with you since titans have a lot of HP and can help you tank many hits. This is Luciens 2nd special attack, this is a ranged based attack and it's blockable with ranged pray, this attack hits even harder than the unblockable one so it's REALLY important to have ranged pray on. You may experience that you will stop attacking Lucien when he's doing this special attack, don't worry, you just have to click on attack again. Lucien also got a healing ability, the amount he's healing varies. Now after you've read this guide you probably should be a Lucien pro and after you kill him this message will pop-up! Congrats you have now killed Lucien!! If you have any issues ingame killing Lucien just PM me ingame "Usch" and I will give you tips.
  14. Addiction post

    Here is an even more ancient phone, sorry for DP btw.
  15. Addiction post

    Hahah yes it is, I was trying to charge it to watch my old pictures and shit I have on the phone, it doesn't work anymore, I'm using an iPhone 6