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We're currently polling a home relocation/overhaul, please take a minute to read and vote on this thread. All votes and replies are appreciated.


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  1. Home overhaul

    honestly, i found alot of success in priff. Plus all the skilling areas would definitely encourage those skillers, and even irons to utilize all the amenities around the area at a higher level. On another note, if you will be adding new shops, i would like to see more selection of items, like lower resource materials for skilling, crafting wise. And seeding from that area, more shops that have apparel Areas, (runecrafting robes, maybe staffs, hunting clothing, Fungal, Splitbark Just basic items that usually dont filter into the game as drops or obtainables.) As a suggestion only. (+I have noticed there isnt shooting star notice or any thing that informs you? )