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  1. Heya

    Pleased to meet you Alex,Your dog also lol,tell regards to gareth bale i am his fan.
  2. Whats up?

    Hi Aexious,Cant wait to see you ingame
  3. Hola

    Hi everybody, My in game name is Swat,I'm 19 years old and i'm new in Server,I'm from morocco, I am a gamer in my free time i love to play video games in my Playstation 3 or pc Like (CoD Bo3-Cod bO2-Destiny..) i started playing runescape private servers 8 years ago,and My hobby is playing football (source) also basketball.Cant wait to see you all in game,Let's make fun and build the memories. SWAT <3
  4. ello ello

    HI jenova,Its nice to meet you! Let's build memories inside the game <3
  5. Hi all

    Nice to meet you mr.owner cant wait to see you ingame