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  1. Howdy Aeon, I know a lot of you will not know me... So let me introduce myself :D... My real name is Ryan, I'm from the United States (Kentucky), and I have a lot of experience with Runescape aswell as Runescape Private Servers as I've been an active player since 2008. Since joining Aeon I started to take notes on what I believe could make this server a lot better, and here they are * A "warning" for new players telling them that Turael doesn't give slayer points for tasks. * Rework/Relocate Shop NPCs... ( Move them to the edge of the room, and line them up for easier access and more inviting for new players... Maybe rename the shops or choose different NPCs to help distinguish the difference in the shops. ) * Rework the teleports to make them less cluttered and to be new player friendly. * Add better rewards for slayer... For example maybe some decent gear, weapons, ckeys, etc... * Offer an option to ask where your assignment is to help new players who don't necessarily know where every single monster is located. * Fix NULL creatures ( Wolves on white wolf mountain...) **I'm sure there are more I just have not found any more yet.** * Make Crystal key rewards better and worth while for veteran/older members * When creating an account, mention the drop rate increase that goes along with each xp difference. * Make clue scroll dig sites accurate to current rs spots. * Allow teleportation from 30 or below wilderness with glory. * When in fixed mode, the squeel of fortune's UI is slightly off the screen.. a small bug but is annoying to look at.