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  1. QoL

    Been a while, this one's about the coal bag. First, it doesn't work other than holding coal inside of it (you're meant to be able to use the coal inside of it without having to empty it). Second, you're forced to put the coal inside of the bag one by one when its meant to put all that you have in your inventory with just once. Third, and this one I haven't bothered to check, making it able to carry 81 pieces like it does on rs3 would be dope.
  2. Prestige Perks

    The only thing I don't really agree with is the combat perks. I personally don't enjoy the idea of prestiging, so if at some point in the future I was bossing and a person who was p5 decided to crash me I likely wouldn't stand a chance at getting a drop.
  3. Kiln Video

    Kiln for anyone that thinks you need to be maxed out (actually has music this time)
  4. Completionist Cape T & G Requirements

    My personal ideas based on this. Agility: I agree. Cooking/Fishing: I agree. Crafting: This one I disagree with, I don't believe cutting dragonstones specifically should be the requirement. If anything, I would change it to cutting 1000 gems and tanning 1000 hides. Construction: This one I also disagree with, anything but mahogany planks are almost entirely useless and this will only server as a deterrent. Change it up to just making mahogany planks and I'm on board. Dungeoneering: I would say change this one to a higher token count as you'll have way more than 150k by the time you hit 120, especially anything below easy. Farming: Halve the tree requirement and change the herbs to any herb in general and I'm on board. Firemaking: Already a requirement so I have no problem with it. Fletching: If we didn't have to pick our own flax I'd be on board with this, but picking flax is just a deterrent. Herblore: Unlike the torstols in the farming suggestion, I'm completely on board with this. Hunter: Switch it to anything Ninja impling and above and I'm on board. Mining: Switch it to anything Addy and above and I'm on board. Prayer: For this one I would switch burying the bones with using them on an altar, and switch frost dragon bones specifically to anything that is frost+ Slayer: Raise it to 100 for the regular completionist cape and keep the trimmed version at 150. Summoning: I agree with this. Smithing: Switch it to smelting any 1000 bars and smithing 500 rune items and I'm on board. Theiving: Already a requirement so I have no problem with it. Woodcutting: Keep it in line with the lumberjack outfit, so I believe 3000 maple+ logs would be perfect. Runecrafting: Instead of 1000 of 13 different runes, bring it down to 5000 runes in general for the regular completionist cape and 8000 for the trimmed variant.
  5. Dipndots7's Server Suggestions

    1. That's fair, and as far as I know a FAQ post is being created that will have this in it. 2. For the most part the shops are pretty easy to understand once you look at them. The combat shops mostly look like the type of weaponry/armor they sell. 3. Personally I don't feel that there's a problem with the teleports but others might. 4. Slayer itself should not be giving gear/weapons/drops but killing monsters for slayer xp does. There is also the opportunity to do boss slayer tasks down stairs in the building directly south of the home teleport. 5. Understandable but there's always the option to ask in the friend's chat. The chat is always available and provided that someone's on you should receive an answer. 6. Fair enough. 7. I find the crystal key rewards to be perfect and I've been playing on this server and the one it is based on since the day after its release. 8. Fair enough. 9. I haven't heard of many complaints with clue locations and it would only hinder most people if they were changed as they're committed to memory by now. I can see where you're coming from though as it can throw new players off. 10. I have no real input here.
  6. Kiln Video

    Keep in mind, I'm very comfortable with kiln. Bring as much food as you can if you aren't comfortable, it can't hurt.
  7. Kiln Video

    I'm terrible at making actual guides, so i made a really shitty video. Sorry for the weird cropping, can't be bothered to record it again.
  8. QoL

    #AnotherOne, Fix the Easy, Medium, and Hard task durations that you can buy from slayer masters. As far as I can tell, easy task durations shouldn't be over 100 monsters but they can get as high as 190 from what I've seen.
  9. QoL

    I can't change the title, but this is gonna be a suggestion that isn't QoL and is more of just something that desperately needs to be done. Remove the max hit cap on Vorago. Without the damage that comes with ruby bolts, Vorago is almost literally impossible to kill unless you have a team. This makes it impossible for ironmen to ever get seismics/tectonic as they would be forced to team just to kill the thing.
  10. QoL

    Adding another suggestion: Donator benefit - For those that don't know, the Completionist Cape has either a 20 or 25% increase in summoning special restore. My suggestion is to add that same benefit to donor/ext donor. It isn't the main attraction of the Comp, so it won't really prevent people from going for it.
  11. BGS spec

  12. On Jad/Har-Aken tasks, allow the slayer helmet/full slayer helmet damage bonuses work on all monsters in the caves/kiln
  13. 1. Tru 2. I have no input on this 3. Pretty sure there's an ess mine teleport in the big building right next to the bank. The wizard tower or whatever it is, go to the top floor. 4. No real need for this, it's not far enough away to warrant a command. 5. I can get behind this. 6. Molten glass stock is reduced because it's easily buyable crafting experience.
  14. QoL

    Left click summoning on pouches, making the enhanced excalibur special a right click option, and making it possible to mine through the TokHaar-Ket-Dill's armor with a pickaxe saved in the toolbelt.
  15. Sup Nerds

    Hey, I'm Quinton. I go by Quinton/Innocence/Didizle. I like cars way more than necessary. I'm relatively knowledgeable of the ways of the server so go ahead and ask me anything you might need.