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We're currently polling a home relocation/overhaul, please take a minute to read and vote on this thread. All votes and replies are appreciated.


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  1. Extending Weeds Timer

    Could we have it so it takes a decent amount of time for the weeds to show up in cleared patches? They essentially pop up within a game tick, which is real annoying to clear the patch again immediately after harvesting trees/herbs. Thank ya
  2. Home overhaul

    What about piscatoris fishing colony?
  3. Home overhaul

    Going off of Lols, I have to say that I would love a home at Mos Le Harmless. Definitely a unique home area and it is a solid balance between having ease of access to NPCs while simultaneously having a less cluttered and compacted area. The location of the houses in there also essentially does the work for you for setting up nice locations for npcs.
  4. There is a slight issue with this, since the trimmed comp cape already has custom particles (unless it was removed without my knowledge) where you can change the particles to anything. So having requirements for silver/golden particles would not make any sense currently. I like the ideas though!
  5. Hi There

    Hello there! My name is Teerent/Trent/whatever you want to call me! I enjoy PvM content and long walks on the beach. My goals on the server is to complete everything possible on hard medium easy (lul) mode, P5, 5B XP, Final Boss title, etc. Oh and I have 2 doggos. That's about it, see you all in-game!