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  1. Daily Challenges.

    I've been thinking about this for awhile but i feel like adding a some daily challenges for some skills could help those who are less inclined to train them. Thieving: Pickpocket or steal from stalls, say 50-100 times. Reward: 1-2m cash. Woodcutting: Cut Logs which have the level for, Say 100-150 cut. Reward: Amount cut back noted. Mining: Mine ore's which have level for, 100-150 ores. Reward: Noted ores which mined. Agility: 25-50 laps of any course. Reward 1-2m cash. Fishing: Catch fish which have level for, say 50-100 fish. Reward: Get noted fish amount back. There are many skills which could be used to do this, there is already kind of a system for this, be nice to build on it.
  2. Prestige Perks

    i like the idea the the prestige perks, gives a little something extra to strive for especially for the harder xp rates. i support
  3. Exactly what it says in the title, i was unable to open barrows sets, had to get innocence to open them for me. had chisel in toolbelt, 1 on me aswell.