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  1. Please note items will be added, these are a base guideline of all prices for Equipment, items disclosed are listed under values, please see other post for Resources. Armadyl T70: Armadyl Boots 5m Armadyl Helm 10m Armadyl Gloves 5m Armadyl Chestplate 10m Armadyl Chainskirt 10m Ancient Warriors Equipement T78 Morrigan Coif 5m Morrigan Leather Body 5m Morrigan Leather Chaps 5m Statius Statius Full Helm 7m Statius Platebody 7m Statius Platelegs 7m Statius Warhammer 7m Vesta Vesta Chainbody 7m Vesta Plateskirt 7m Vesta Longsword 7-10m Vesta Spear 7m Zuriel Zuriel Hood 7m Zuriel Robe Bottom 7m Zuriel Robe Top 7m Zuriel Staff 7-10m Bandos T65 Bandos Helmet 10m Bandos Boots 5m Bandos Chestplate 10-15m Bandos Gloves 5m Bandos Tassets 10-15m Bandos Warshield 5m Barrows T70 TBA Dragon T60 Dragon Boots 250k Dragon Chainbody 2-5m Dragon Full Helm 10m Dragon Helm 250k Dragon Gauntlets 250k Dragon Platelegs 1-2m Dragon Plateskirt 1-2m Dragon Platebody 10m Ganodermic Armour T75 Ganodermic Boots 1m Ganodermic Gloves 1m Ganodermic Poncho 10m Ganodermic Leggings 5m Ganodermic Visor 5m Gilded T40 Gilded Full Helm 5m Gilded Platebody 5m Gilded Platelegs 5m Gilded Kiteshield 5m Malevolent T90 Malevolent Cuirass 60m+ Malevolent Greaves 60m+ Malevolent Helm 40m+ Sirenic T90 Sirenic Chaps 40m Sirenic Hauberk 40m Sirenic Mask 30m Sirenic Dyed TBA Barrows Blood Shadow Third Age Tetsu - Not Tradeable, Prestige Only. Torva T80 Torva Boots 10m Torva Full Helm 25m+ Torva Gloves 10m Torva Platebody 35m+ Torva Platelegs 35m+ Virtus T80 Virtus Robe Top 30m+ Virtus Robe Legs 30m+ Virtus Boots 10m+ Virtus Mask 25m+ Virtus Gloves 10m+ Virtus Book 10m+ Virtus Wand 20m+ Pernix T80 Pernix Cowl 25m+ Pernix Body 35m+ Pernix Boots 20-40m Pernix Chaps 35m+ Pernix Gloves 20m+ Tectonic T90 Tectonic Robe Top 40m+ Tectonic Robe Bottom 40m+ Tectonic Mask 35m+ Third Age T65 Third Age Full Helm 10m+ Third Age Kiteshield 10m+ Third Age Platebody 10m+ Third Age Platelegs 10m+ Third Age Amulet 10m+ Third Age Mage Hat 10m+ Third Age Robe Top 10m+ Third Age Robe Bottom 10m+ Third Age Coif 10m+ Third Age Range legs 10m+ Third Age Range Top 10m+ Third Age Vambraces 10m+ Third Age Druid Wreath 10m+ Third Age Cloak 10m+ Third Age Druidic Robe Top 10m+ Third Age Druidic Robe Bottom 10m+ Third Age Druidic Staff 10m+ Others: Hexcrest 5m Focus Sight 10m+ Void Not Tradeable Please Note Prices variables, may change & new items added, at any given time! depending the on descression of Xenthium
  2. Please note items will be added, these are a base guideline of all prices for resources, items disclosed with resources are listed under values of implings as drops please see other post for actual items like magic/melee & range Inc. their tiers/levels. Resources, Ores & Bars: bronze bar 5k iron bar 7.5k steel bar 10k silver bar 12.5k mith bar 15k gold bar 17.5k adamant bar 25k rune bar 50k tin/copper ore 2-2.5k iron ore 4-5k coal 5-7.5k mith ore 10-12.5k silver ore 12.5k gold ore 15k adamant ore 12.5-15k rune ore 25-35k -------------------------- Herb Prices: Guam 1k tarromin 1.5k Marrentill 2k harralander 2.25k ranarr 2.5k toadflax 3k irit 3.25k avantoe 3.5k kwuarm 3.75k snapdragon 4k Cadantine 4.25k Lantadyme 4.5k Dwarf weed 4.75k Torstol 5k ---------------------- Uncleaned Herbs: Guam 1.25k tarromin 1.75k Marrentill 2.k harralander 2.5k ranarr 3k toadflax 3.25k irit 3.5k avantoe 3.75k kwuarm 4k snapdragon 4.25k Cadantine 4.5k Lantadyme 4.75k Dwarf weed 5k Torstol 5.5k -------------------- "Impling price guide has an item value, amount of item & total value of amount received!" Implings: Baby 1k Young 1.5k Gourmet 2.5k Earth 2.75k Essence TBA Eclectic TBA Spirit TBA Nature TBA Magpie TBA Ninja TBA Dragon TBA Baby Dragon Bones 5k 107-300, 535k-1.5m Dragon Bones 52-99 10k, 500k-990k Dragonstone 3-6, 50k 150k-300k Amulet of glory 16k,2-3, 32k-48k Dragonstone Amulet 16k 2-3, 32k-48k Dragon Arrow 4.5k, 96-500, 432k- 2.25m Dragon Arrowheads 4.5k, 100-500, 450k-2.25m Dragon Bolts 7.5k, 3-40, Dragon Dagger 45k, 1, 45k Dragon Longsword 90K, 1, 90K Kingly TBA Rune bar x10, 50K, = 500k Dragon bolt = 40-70, 300k-525k Onyx bolt 12.5k, 43-60, 537k-750k Glory = 16k 8-11, 43k-176k Onyx = 4.5m-10M Dragon Arrows = 4.5K, 40-150, 225K-675k Dragon Arrow Heads = 4.5K, 50-148, 225k-666k Dragon Darts = 4.5k, 182-319, 819k-1.43m Dragonstone 50k, 6, 300k Uncut Dragonstone 50k 5, 250k ------------------------------------------------------------ Bolts Ruby bolts 3.5k Ruby bolt e 5k Dragon bolts 7.5k Dragon bolts (e) 9k Onyx bolt 12.5k ----------------- Bones: Bones 1k Big Bones 2k Baby Dragon Bones 5k Dragon Bones 10k-12.5k Frost Dragon Bones 15k-17.5k Ourg Bones 17.5k Crystal Dragon Bones 25k-40k --------------------------------- Plank 2.5k Oak Planks 3K Teak Planks 5k Mahogany Planks 7.5K --------------------------------- Logs: Logs 1.5k Oak 2k Willow 3.5k Maple Logs 4K Teak 4.5K Mahogany 5K Yew Logs 6K Magic Logs 7.5K ----------------------- Essence: Rune Essence 1.5k Pure Essence 3k ------------------------- Crystal Key 50K Loop Half 25k Key Half 25k Please Note Prices variables, may change & new items added, at any given time! depending the on descression of Xenthium
  3. Daily Challenges.

    I support this idea, however some resources eg, rune may be unbalanced & high amounts of gp are easily acquired would suggest with smithing you would get ores instead of bars, eg, "Smith 70 rune 2H, - reward, 70 rune ores & equivalent amounts of coal, as for money you do get paid for agility and rare for other things like bows for fletching, eg atm it's 50 laps for 100K perhaps should be 500K for the time put into training cash reward skills, would recommend gaining loyalty points for being physically active on the server eg, 100 for an hours playtime however being afk you would get booted if longer than 5 mins inactive to the login screen. There should be higher level rewards eg, with theiving - X amount of dwarf traders = noted ore and bar rewards, rocktails/cavefish, magic trees - logs ect instead of low level challenges when you have a high account, perhaps also a rare chance to obtain a skilling outfit piece as a possible reward from daily activities & depending on the difficulty of the task eg agility which most people find a bore, would also give a small amount of spins too, 1-5.
  4. Home overhaul

    Suggestion for new home: Lletya, Shilo village, Clan Citadel/Mos le harmless if supported, have low level/resources around home and shops would encourage people to skill together eg. wc trees up to yew, mining up to addy, furnace, anvil, bank, fishing spots up to sharks just throwing suggestions
  5. Prestige Perks

    G'day all i've put in some thought into what could be incorporated into Aeon for prestiging, making it balanced for all difficulty levels & ironman status, may need to be motified accordingly, Considering the time and effort people will be putting in to Prestige, i've come up with a few perks that could be considered, all perks will range from Rank 1 - 5 for Aeon: Combat Perks: 1. Attack - Your accuracy is increased by 1-5% P1 1% - P5 5% 2. Defence - Your overall defence is increased by 10% meaning you will take 10% less damage. P1 5%-10% 3. Hitpoints - You gain 5 total extra life points, or 50 if in x10 hits. P1 100hp, P5 104, or recharge rate 1-3x faster outside combat eg, 1x P1-P3, 2x P4, 3X P5. 4. Strength - Your max hit is increased by 5%. P1 1% - P5 5% 5. Range - Your ranged max & accuracy hit is increased by 5%. P1 1% - P5 5% 6. Magic - Your max magic hit & accuracy is increased by 10%. P1 5% - P5 10% Note stat buffs for PVM only, nill status on PVP. Skilling Perks: 7. Smithing - You have a 50% less chance to use bars while smithing. P1 10% - 50% P5, Magic: Superheat has the same effect. 8. Herblore - Any boosted stats last 35% longer (50% with Beserker prayer) P5. 9. Fishing - You have a 50% chance to catch double fish, and a small chance to catch a clue scroll casket, P1 10% - P5 50% chance to catch double fish, 1-5% chance for Clue casket. 10. Cooking - You cook two fish at a time, halved chance not to burn fish, at P5 you never burn fish. 11. Prayer - Drains 1-5% slower depending on Prestige level. 12. Slayer - You now have a chance to get double drops from slayer monsters. 13. Crafting - You have a chance not to use a material while crafting leather working/dragonhides. 13.1 Fletching & Crafting: 10-50% chance not to use runes while enchanting bolts. 14. Thieving - You get access to different chests with different rewards based on prestige levels, when thieving from rouge den gems are noted. 15. Firemaking - Fires last 50% longer, spirit buff is 10-50% longer depending on prestige level. 16. Fletching - You have a chance of not using a bowstring when stringing bows, when crafting bolts/arrows you have a 5-25% chance not to use feathers & gems. 17. Woodcutting - You now cut 2 logs at the same time. 18. Farming - You now have a 5-25% chance to harvest 1.25-2.5 times the herbs on all patches. 19. Runecrafting - You have a 1-5% chance get triple runes, this stacks with multiple runes. P1-5. 20. Mining - You have a small chance at mining a dragonstone or onyx from all rocks, eg. Dragonstone 0.5-1% chance scaled via ore variations: Tin/copper 0.05-0.10% Dragonstone, iron 0.10-0.15% Dragonstone, Coal 0.15-0.20% Dragonstone, Gold/Silver 0.25%-0.50% Dragonstone, Mithril 1-5% Dragonstone, Adamant 5-10% Dragonstone, Runite 10-15% Dragonstone. Tin/copper 0.005-0.010% Onyx, iron 0.010-0.015% Onyx, Coal 0.015-0.020% Onyx, Gold/Silver 0.025%-0.050% Onyx, Mithril 0.25%-0.50% % Onyx, Adamant 0.50%-0.75% Onyx, Runite 1.0-1.5% Onyx. lava flow mines and gem rocks give double gems up to dragonstone. 21. Construction POH altars give 0.5-2.5% boost for prayer xp, 10-25% chance not to use planks when building P1 10%- P5 25% 22. Dungeoneering: 25% more tokens when killing npcs, P1 5% P 5 25%, (To be added). Gift of the Gods, each day due to your dedication on Aeon, the Gods have gifted you: P1 1x extra SOF spin daily, P5 x5 extra spins daily, knock out that greedy goblin!. Cb packs: 5-25 sets to make overloads and 5-25 Torstols, to set you up for farming PVM to please the gods!. Finance pack: You've been gifted 100-500K! use it wisely! Mystery pack: The Gods are pleased with your efforts! you've been given a mystery box which may supply you with a random assortment of skilling items to help you on your journey, ranging from gems Sapphire - Dragonstone, high level herbs, Mithril - Rune ores & bars, Green to Black dragonhides x amount depending on Prestige rank. Note these suggestions are not confirmed nor finalized and will be updated and color coded if they're implemented, changes may occur.
  6. G'day all i have some ideas that could be incorporated with competitionist cape Trimmed and Guilded eg. Silver/Gold particles with their own set of requirements... These stats will match across all difficulty levels and are designed to be challenging. Considering Aeon will be around for quite some time & the fact that most of us who play especially me need some motivation to keep going, i have a range of ideas to be considered being added to the comp cape requirements, as their requirements at this stage are lacking in a few areas and should incorporate different skill aspects. Yes theirs alot in the list ahead however considering that it is one of the hardest capes to obtain and is quite an achievement it should be difficult to obtain, note some requirements listed are matching whats already included at the current stage, i would love some feedback, thank you for taking the time to read my post. Agility: 150 Gnome Course Laps 150 Barbarian Course Laps 150 Wilderness Course Laps Cooking: Cook 2500 Rocktails Crafting: Cut 1000 Dragonstones Construction: Craft 1500-2500 Planks Craft 1250-2225 Oak Planks Craft 1000-2000 Teak Planks Craft 750-1750 Mahogany Planks Dungeoneering: Earn 100,000-150,000 Dung Tokens. Farming: Check health 150 Magic Trees Harvest 250-500-1000 Torstols Firemaking: 1500 Magic Logs Fishing: Catch 2500 Rocktails - Requirement for fishing outfit Fletching: Cut & String 2000 Magic Shortbow's Herblore: 250-500-1000 Overloads Hunter: Catch 150-1000 Dragon Implings Mining: 250-1250 Rune Ores matching smithing reqs Prayer: Burry 1000 Frost Dragon Bones Slayer: Complete 150-250 tasks Summoning: Craft 250 Steel Titan Pouches Smithing: Smith 250 Rune Platebody's Smelt 1250 Steel Bars Theiving: Pickpocket 1000 NPC's Woodcutting: 1500 Magic Logs Runecrafting: 1000 Air Runes 1000 Astral Runes 1000 Blood Runes 1000 Body Runes 1000 Chaos Runes 1000 Cosmic Runes 1000 Death Runes 1000 Earth Runes 1000 Fire Runes 1000 Law Runes 1000 Mind Runes 1000 Nature Runes 1000 Water Runes
  7. Lols Bag of tricks

    G'day all i have a few suggestions based on different aspects of the server - WIll update in time as thoughts progress so far i have these. Shops: Basic shops should have access to lower tier items for mages like basic robes below mystic, range shop should include knives and darts for pures/training aspects, Basic boots to rune should be added to the armor shop also. - Beneficial for those who play on Insane while taking hours to train to a basic level to use mystic/infinity robes for decent xp and damage. Skills: Skills should incorporate skilling outfits that can be obtained while training a certain skill and provide a small xp bonus eg. Woodcutting lumberjack, Fishing, cooking, crafting, mining, smithing ect. Firemaking: Inferno Adze, flame gloves and ring of fire for xp bonus. Could be obtainable the same was as RS or as a very lucky drop when training Firemaking or Woodcutting eg like bird nests or fire spirit, as far as i've found while training Firemaking a fire spirit hasn't activated to give you a small amount of charms on capture and could be useful. Prayer: using bones on an ordinary altar while giving an offering gives no xp at all yet still uses your bones Agility: Teleport to Ape Atoll could be beneficial while training agility to give more variation and xp Smithing: a furnace should be added at home next to the anvils so we can smelt our ores into bars instead of having to travel across the map for an accessible place Crafting: low level training should be accessable in the shops eg. Tanned Cowhides for leather crafting and uncut opal to red topaz also Cooking gauntlets should be accessible also to help with reduced burning of fish Farming: Teleports to fruit trees which could be added to the Leprechaun or a new npc, option of buying compost to stop crops from dying or being able to pay an npc to keep them fresh for harvest. Money Making: Basic theiving stalls to obtain xp and theiving gold, noticing lower levels theiving npcs only give out 5gp at max per attempt, they shouldn't be high but a reasonable amount eg. Man would be max of 1K to paladin 10K per successful attempt ect. Thank you for reading things will be added updated in time if accepted, regards, Lols.
  8. Lols Introduction

    Hello all :), i'm from Sydney Australia, Aeon is the first RSPS i've played in 8 months and 3 years since RS3, since EOC came i stopped playing but somehow i can't keep away from RSPS's. Aeon is one i thoroughly enjoy, right amount of difficulty and i'm always up for a challenge, im always down for a chat too, so don't be shy, catcha ingame.