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  1. Rings of Kinship

    So as we all know there's a lack of ideas when it comes to new items, simply because of the lack of items accessible in the cache, so my idea is to work items that are in the cache into the game with new and unique concepts. So with this I had the idea of making very useful, but somewhat hard to obtain items, with the Rings of Kinship. There are 12 (13 if you count the base version) versions of the Ring of Kinship in the game, listed below Ring of Kinship Ring of Kinship (Tank) Ring of Kinship (Tactician) Ring of Kinship (Berserker) Ring of Kinship (Sniper) Ring of Kinship (Keen-Eye) Ring of Kinship (Desperado) Ring of Kinship (Blazer) Ring of Kinship (Blaster) Ring of Kinship (Blitzer) Ring of Kinship (Medic) Ring of Kinship (Gatherer) Ring of Kinship (Artisan) The idea was you obtain the base variant of the ring from the Dungeoneering rewards shop for roughly 40-60k tokens, the base version being needed for every ring you wish to create, you would then need to get a very specific item (or set of items) and use them on the ring in order to create the ring you wish, the rings would all have special passive effects while wearing them. Finished ideas (still feel free to give feedback/changes) Ring of Kinship (Keen-Eye) The idea for this ring is while worn, you get an increased chance of hitting a bolt special attack (for example, Ruby (e), Diamond (e)) this would be created by using a Seers headband on the Ring of Kinship, with the Seers headband being a rare reward from clue scrolls (untradeable) Ring of Kinship (Artisan) For this ring you would get a chance of saving resources while training Artisan skills (Cooking, Crafting, Construction, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting, Firemaking and Smithing) the saved resources would either be placed in your inventory, or straight to the bank if your inventory is full, you would make this ring by obtaining three Artisan shards and combining them together, then using the Artisan artefact on the Ring of Kinship. There would be no level requirement in order to obtain the shards, but to create the artefact you would require level 85 in every Artisan skill. Ring of Kinship (Gatherer) This ring would work similar to the Artisan ring, but for Gathering skills (Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining and Woodcutting) and instead of a chance to save a resource, you'd have a chance at obtaining multiple, it would be obtained in a similar manner, with you needing to obtain three Gatherer fragments which would be randomly obtained while training gathering skills, crafting a Gathering Geode and using it on the Ring of Kinship, again there would be no level requirement to obtain the fragments, but to create the Geode you would require 85 in all Gatherering skills. Unfinished ideas Ring of Kinship (Medic) This ring would have exactly the same effects as the Vampyrism Aura, although it wouldn't stack with the Aura, it would mean you could have the healing effect of Vamyrism while allowing you the ability to use an Aura suck as Berserker or Sharpshooter to increase your damage or accuracy, currently I'm not sure how this ring would be obtained Ring of Kinship (Tank) This ring would give you a chance at halving all incoming damage, the chance at halving damage is undecided though for balancing reasons, the obtaining method is also unknown as of yet. Ring of Kinship (Blazer) This ring would offer a 1/3 chance to not use runes while casting any spell, and a chance at healing 50% of the damage you deal, the rates at which you heal damage, or how to obtain this ring haven't been decided. Ring of Kinship (Berserker) Very basic idea, but potentially increasing the damage dealt with 2H weapons, as they are somewhat dead content as of right now, although I don't feel it should work at the corp cave as it would be pretty broken there, open to suggestions on the damage (Or maybe a large accuracy increase with 2H weapons instead?) Not a clue about these Ring of Kinship (Tactician) Ring of Kinship (Blaster) Ring of Kinship (Blitzer) Ring of Kinship (Desperado) Ring of Kinship (Sniper) all ring effects are up for discussion as are the methods to obtain these rings, nothing is set in stone and I'd love feedback and to work on these ideas together in order to implement something truly unique to Aeon, thanks for reading. Please submit any ideas or feedback in the comments section.
  2. Skilling outfits While training select skills you'll passively obtain skilling outfit pieces, the skills include Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining, Thieving and Agility as of right now. Woodcutting The woodcutting items are obtained via cutting Maple+ logs(so anything between and including Maple and Magic work) There are four parts to the Lumberjack set, being the Hat, Top, Legs and Boots. The Inferno Adze can also be obtained via the same method. The required logs are 300 for the first part of Lumberjack, 750 for the second, 1550 for the third and 2750 for the last item, the Inferno Adze is then obtained at 3000 You get roughly 1% extra xp for each Lumberjack item equipped, if the full set is equipped it's rounded up to 5% Fishing The fishing items are obtained via fishing raw Rocktails There are four parts to the Fishing set, being the Hat, Jacket, Waders and Boots. The required number of catches are 300 for the first item, 750 for the second, 1300 for the third and 2000 for the final part. You get roughly 1% extra xp for each Fishing item equipped, if the full set is equipped it's rounded up to 5% Mining The Golden Mining outfit is obtained via mining concentrated coal and gold deposits in the Living Rock Caverns. There are five parts to the Golden Mining outfit, being the Helmet, Top, Trousers, Boots and Gloves. The required number of mined ores are 300 for the first, 700 for the second, 1200 for the third, 1950 for the fourth and 2500 for the last item. You get roughly 1% extra xp for each Golden Mining item equipped, if the full set is equipped it's rounded up to 5% Thieving The Black Ibis outfit is obtained via pickpocketing Heroes and Dwarf traders There are four parts to the Black ibis outfit, being the Mask, Body, Legs and Boots. The required number of pickpockets are 75 for the first, 225 for the second, 425 for the third and 675 for the last item. You get roughly 1% extra xp for each Black ibis item equipped, if the full set is equipped it's rounded up to 5% Agility The Agile outfit is obtained via completed laps of the Advanced Gnome and Barbarian Agility courses. There are just two items that make up the Agile set, being the Top and Legs. The Legs are obtained after 100 laps of the advanced Gnome course, while the Top is obtained after 100 laps of the advanced Barbarian course There is no xp increase with the Agile outfit, it is purely cosmetic xx
  3. Nomad + Soul wars cape guide Reason for doing this? Defeating Nomad will reward the player with the Blue cape and the Red cape These capes offer no offensive or defensive stats, but give a +7 Prayer bonus while also acting like a Ava's device which minimises bolt/arrow usage while ranging, this can be extremely handy at some bosses, or even general training if you don't yet have a max or comp cape. Gear + Inventory All you really need for Nomad is some very basic gear and supplies, the Steel titan, Overload and Brews aren't required, they're just to be safe during the kill, you could easily just bring a Ranging/Super ranging potion and do fine, I'd recommend using Ranged just because of some of Nomad's attack mechanics. Getting there Teleports > Minigames > More > More > More > Soul Wars Once there, step inside the big yellow soul wars portal and investigate the tent Once inside Nomad will be waiting to greet you, you'll have a small conversation with it ending on your character saying "maybe I should follow that guy.." From here run to the west and enter the Arcane doorway on the northern wall You'll then see another Arcane doorway to the north, entering this room will trigger the fight so it's advised to pot up before entering The fight It's advised to keep your auto retaliate turned off during this fight as it could cause issues with some of his fight mechanics After a short conversation with nomad he will jump off his chair and begin attacking you, protect from magic + turn on Rigour/Leech range+defence The first portion of the fight is very basic with him just using basic attacks on you that can hit up to 350 Soon Nomad will use the following dialogue Mines will then begin to fall around you, CAREFUL not to step on these mines as they can easily kill you, it's advised to follow this path out of the mines and continue to attack nomad, make sure you click multiple times in order to take the desired path rather than auto-pathing straight over the mines and killing yourself Standing here will help with his next special mechanic, in which he'll say As soon as Nomad says this you'll want to hide behind one of the pillars towards the outside of the room, this will block the attack he's charging, if you fail to hide you'll be hit for an unblockable 750. Another of Nomad's special attacks is to create clones of himself, once the follow dialogue is initiated Nomad will teleport towards the centre of the room along with three other clones which all damage you until you attack the real Nomad, finding him is easily done as he will still have his health bar above his head, quickly attack him and the clones will disappear. Nomad's last special attack is for him to teleport you to the centre of the room and freeze you, he'll then begin charging a very strong, unblockable attack, so begin eating to full hp and then either sip a brew or eat a rocktail to get over max hp, just to be safe. Once you see the follow message begin eating. Once Nomad reaches 25% of his hp he will claim you're tougher than he thought and heal back up to 50% health This time once he reaches 25% hp he will become enraged and start attacking you with melee very quickly, you can switch to the melee prayer although I'm not entire sure if it works for these attacks, soul split can be used instead From here it's just the final stretch, continue to take down his health until he finally reaches 0%, you've doomed the world apparently. Once Nomad is dead you'll be teleported back out to soul wars with both the Red and Blue cape in your inventory, congrats and enjoy! xx
  4. Suggestions

    Frost dragon slayer tasks from Duradel and Kuradel assuming you have 85 dung, ranging from 35-75 from Duradel and 75-150 from Kuradel Edimmu slayer tasks from Kuradel with 99 dung and 90 slayer, tasks of 50-150 Fix the decanter NPC Fix granite lobster pouch crafting Fix Vorago's heals Make boosting your magic level enable you to cast higher level spells you don't have the level for normally (assuming you're boosted high enough) more to come
  5. Herb and Tree farming guide Herbs; To begin farming the lowest level herbs you'll need a Farming level of 9, you can either rake the herb, allotment and flower patches in order to get the xp required for level 9, or you can start my planting potatoes in the allotment patches. Once you've achieved this you'll want to begin farming the highest level herbs you can, or the herbs you require for Herblore, a guide on which can be found here How to get to the Herb patches; Click the task tab and select Teleports, Skilling, More, More, Farming teleports and choose Falador You can buy all the farming supplies you'll need from Elstan, I'd also suggest purchasing the magic secateurs as they give an increased yield when gathering herbs Now rake the herb patch, and plant the herb seed, levels shown below Guam - 9 Marrentill - 14 Tarromin - 19 Harralander - 26 Ranarr - 32 Spirit weed - 36 Toadflax - 38 Irit - 44 Wergali - 46 Avantoe - 50 Kwuam - 56 Snapdragon - 62 Cadantine - 67 Lantadyme - 73 Dwarf weed - 79 Torstol - 85 Fellstalk - 91 After planting your seed you'll want to talk to the Leprechaun, and teleport to Catherby, Ardougne, Canifis and the Troll Stronghold, repeating the process of raking and planting seeds, after around 30 to 45 minutes your herbs should be fully grown and ready to harvest. Simply repeat the process of going to Falador, and this time instead of raking weeds you'll harvest the herbs you've grown, once you've gathered all of your herbs you can plant another seed and start another trip to Catherby etc. P.S. you can use grimy and clean herbs on the Leprechaun in order to note them, donators and extreme donators also receive a better yield rate when harvesting herbs at 10 and 20% respectively. Tree farming Tree farming is a lot less tedious than herb farming, you'll only realistically do two tree runs a day, but the xp for doing them is much higher than what you'd get from herbs. Players can grow five different types of trees, saplings for them can be obtained from Elstan and their levels are shown below Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Yew - 60 Magic - 75 Once you have the required level, and five saplings, you can begin a tree run, once you get to a tree patch you should rake the patch (clear the tree if you've done so in the past) and then plant your sapling, you can do the patches in any order you like but I do them in this order Lumbridge Teleport to the lumbridge lodestone and run east through the castle grounds Varrock Teleport to the Varrock lodestone and run north inside the castle walls Falador Teleport to the Falador lodestone and run south inside the castle walls and then east into the park Taverly Teleports > Skilling > More > More > More > Summoning then run slightly south Tree Gnome Stronghold Teleport to the Gnome Agility Course via Teleports > Skilling > Agility teleports then run slightly south-west Now all you have to do is wait around 5 hours for your trees to grow and then do another tree run, check the health of your trees, clear them and plant new saplings, and go train another skill patiently while they grow. Thanks for reading, hopefully it helped, if you have any additional info feel free to put it in the comments below! xx
  6. Clue scroll guide

    Clue scroll guide Use Ctrl+F and search for the phrase in your chat box when you open the clue South of where legends may be placed, and east of great thieving! Teleport to the Ardougne farming patch and run east South of a muchky mucky mucky mucky swamp lamds, and barely north of Haunted Mines! Teleport to barrows and run west towards Mort'on West of a murderous Mansion, and south of a city of vikings! Teleport to woodcutting on the skills teleport and run north towards Relekka Slightly South of a city of great knights and lots of Shops! Teleport to the varrock lodestone then run south A mining place located near a city of great knights and lots of Shops Teleport to the varrock lodestone and run east Slightly south of a village known for thieving masters of farming! Teleport to the Draynor Village lodestone and run south North east corner of a city based around a castle with a moat around it! Teleport to the Falador lodestone and run east Right next to a guild known for people with skilled hands! Teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone and run north-west In a city that Rhymes with tan i will, if you say it really fast! Bruh. West of some woods that sound like Mc Jagger! Teleport to the woodcutting skills teleport and then run slightly north, then follow the minecart track to the west South of a tower full of magical people! Teleport to the Draynor Village lodestone and run south to the Wizard's Tower North of a tower known to give life and south of a city of thieves! Teleport to the Ardougne lodestone and run south through the city to the tower of life West of the place best known for starting a house! Teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone and run west Near an observatory meant for getting a compass on RS! Teleport to Castle Wars then run north Just south of a city known for thieving and outside a tower of clock! Teleport to the Ardougne lodestone and run south through the city towards the clocktower If you Fala by A Door you might need help on this one! Teleport to the Falador lodestone In between a lava blaze and near a Deathly Agility Course! Teleport to the Wilderness agility course with the dangerous PVP teleports and run slightly east Hope it helped xx
  7. Addiction post

    need my fix bruh
  8. Hello, V3!

    Welcome ya geek, nice to see you back
  9. Wilderness Warbands guide

    WARNING; As with anything involving the wilderness you have the potential to be killed by pkers, attempt warbands at your own risk knowing there's the chance to die. Wilderness Warbands The Basics; A Warband is a camp that spawns shortly after a server restart and will continue to do so every three hours onwards, the camp spawns with one boss style npc, and then several minions, the idea is to clear the camp of the npcs and then loot the crates for supplies and a chance at Warpriest armour, only one item of Warpriest can be looted per camp however. Gearing up; Considering the Warbands are a Wilderness event, you'll generally want to risk as little as possible in case you die to a pker, the gear, and inventory I would suggest are below(use better food/bring potions if you'd prefer, this is just a bare setup) Your best bet at the Warband is to use magic with either burst, or barrage spells, preferably ice to freeze the npcs, especially the melee ones, the AOE effect of burst and barrage spells allow you to clear the camp fairly quickly which is essential due to the nature of the wilderness, it's best to get in and out as quickly as possible to minimise the chances of dying. Getting there; Once you see a notification in your chat telling you a Warband has spawned you'll want to begin making your way to the camp, there are three possible spawns for the camp being 10, 30 and 40 wilderness (I rounded the levels just to make it easier) Level 10 Teleports > PVP > Edgeville Level 30 Teleports > Bossing > Corporeal Beast, then run to the exit of the cave Level 40 Teleports > Bossing > Corporeal Beast, then run to the exit of the cave Clearing the camp; Once you arrive at the camp you'll find a boss, and multiple minions located in it, your goal is to clear all of the npcs, and siphon the obelisk in the centre of the camp, upon fully siphoning the obelisk you'll receive reinforcements that fight for you. camp npcs The best way I've found is to clear the majority of the smaller npcs whilst being very careful as they hit very accurately, it's best to use the boxes and environment surrounding the camp as cover while trying to maintain fights with manageable groups, once you've cleared the majority of the camp leaving just the boss, and 1/2 minion npcs you can begin to siphon the obelisk from cover Once the reinforcements have spawned you're free to loot the crates(some crates don't work however, so just find the right ones then loot those each time) Rewards; Now you've cleared the Warband you can begin to loot the crates in order to get supplies, you can loot a total of 50 per camp, if you teleport out of the wilderness or log out with them in your inventory they will disappear, so your best bet is to run back to the bank in Edgeville (level 10 camp) or back to the corp cave, and teleport home to bank them (30,40 camps) then return for the rest of the supplies While looting the camp you'll have a chance of obtaining Warpriest armour there are two sets, Armadyl and Bandos, which you have a chance of obtaining depends on the camp you cleared. Warpriest is level 75 hybrid armour, generally very good all around gear, with 6 items in a set, the Helmet, Cuirass(body), Greaves(legs), Cape, Boots and Gloves. What to do with the supplies The supplies can be exchanged with Quercus, between the Grand Exchange and Edgeville, he will exchange the supplies for either experience in Farming, Construction, Mining, Smithing or Herblore, or he can exchange the supplies for GP at a rate of 1 supply for 25k gp, personally I'd suggest using the supplies on experience. The experience you gain scales with your current level in the skill, I wouldn't recommend using supplies on a skill under at least 50 as the experience you get will be pretty low. And that's basically everything you should need to know about warbands, hopefully this guide helped, and best of luck with your loot xx
  10. Donator Benifits (Suggestion)

    X% being the number/percentage that changes per donator rank and Z being the things that are changing, such as loyalty points, bonus xp. XYZ etc, I just happened to miss out the Y because it's 3am and I'm tired, hopefully helped you get what I meant
  11. Donator Benifits (Suggestion)

    In all honesty I don't think the server should ever have donation ranks above $100 at max, there's plenty of other things than could be added to the donations shop (nothing op) there shouldn't really be a need for 1 $1k rank. that's kind of just silly, the benefits themselves don't really seem overly worth it either, it seems like you'd be paying for the donator zone more than anything else, which makes the $1k rank redundant From playing that server I know it's very beneficial to donate, not for the ranks but for the perks, as this server doesn't have, and hopefully will never have those, it doesn't seem worth having such high donator ranks. As a whole I personally feel donator ranks should have more quality of life benefits and less X% extra Z per rank
  12. Hello there

    Hallo Usch we are very many friends but I still say hallo because I am the friendly boy yes
  13. Trivia Points exchange

    I support adding spin tickets to the trivia point store, maybe not cash this early into the server though, just considering how little effort the trivia actually is, plus you'll generally be making money from the spins anyway
  14. 1-99 Hunter Guide

    spot for art blah The first thing you're going to need will be a butterfly net and several impling jars as you'll be training hunter primarily at Puro Puro, these as well as other hunting supplies you may need for methods can be obtained from Bob at home. Once you've obtained these items you're going to want to go to the teleports tab, and click Skilling(4) > More (5) >Hunter (1) > Puro Puro (2) you'll then be teleported to the middle of a wheat field in the centre you'll see the option to enter the centre of the crop circle, you'll want to click this to be teleported to the middle of Puro Puro Located around the outside you'll find implings flying around, you can either choose to catch the highest level impling you can for the best possible loot at your level, or you can run around aiming to catch as many mid to high level implings as you can and disregard the loot, aiming to get the most xp possible per hour Required level for each impling Baby impling - 1 Young impling - 22 Gourmet impling - 28 Earth impling - 36 Essence impling - 42 Eclectic impling - 50 Spirit impling - 54 Nature impling - 58 Magpie impling - 65 Ninja impling - 74 Dragon impling - 83 Kingly impling - 91 -guide in progress
  15. Heya

    Hey there, so I'll keep it short and sweet, my name is Alex, although you may know me as Igor, I'm 22, from the U.K, Wales to be specific. In my free time I generally enjoy gaming, or simply just getting to know new people, I'd like to think I'm pretty friendly so feel free to hit me up and more than likely I'll get back to you unless I'm afk which is probably pretty likely. Look forward to meeting you all in-game, here's my dog