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  1. Prestige Perks

    I agree with Innocence on combat skills not being a perk because it would be unfair to other players who are also bossing and can't get a kill. I like the idea of the skilling perks but some of them seem a bit strong.
  2. Hello I feel like this server lacks a lot of trading between players and the amount of coins people have. I use to be on a server where trading and money was a big part of it and enjoyed it. I don't mind that thieving you earn a little bit of money and is realistic, but because of that there isn't much coins in-game so no one trades often. On a server I use to be on people got a bit of money for leveling up a skills (excluding combat skills) and miletones, such as hitting lvl 99 or 120 in dungeoneering, 100m xp, 200mxp, also htting total levels. But great server I really enjoy it Thank you