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  1. Locations: Closest Furnace PVP Teleports > Edgeville ( 51 ) Closest Bank Skilling > Second Page > Runecrafting > Abyss ( 4522 ) Construction Shop Skilling > Sawmill ( 43 ) Mahogony & Teak Trees Skilling > Miscellania ( 44 )
  2. Current Suggestions ( Sorted Newest-Oldest ) None! In Progress Talk-to options on shops should also open the respective shop. Using elemental staves should work in place of runes while making tablets on a lectern Finished, Denied, or otherwise Removed Suggestions: Death & Blood runes should be added back to Iron shops - they are available to Ironmen from shops in RS, not sure why they are removed here. Added! Add access to Rune Essence mine, OR add Pure Essence to Skilling Shop, or both. Added! Rune Essence mine teleport is un-intuitive, add to the bottom of the teleports list in Skilling>Runecrafting Added! Add Royale Cannon to Ironman Extreme Donor shop (as well as anything else needed). Added! Add access to Donor Zone for Ironman (Possibly limit what can be used within the donor zone?) Added! Buff amount of Pure Essence dropped from various monsters (ex. Gargoyles, Armored Zombies, Banshee, Abby Demon, Dust Devil, Dagganoths, Ankou, Essence Implings(?) ) No longer needed. Fix experience from gilded altar for all players. Currently only gives extra xp when both burners are lit (+100%), and nothing from the altar. Supposed to be 250% from the altar, and then a stacking +50% bonus for each burner lit -- for a maximum of 350% per bone. Added! Take a look at the experience for catching a dragon impling - it's currently less than lower tiers of implings. Added! Increase stock of molten glass in construction shop to match everything else, (Currently 10, rest are 1000) Added! Add a ::shops teleport to take players to the combat shops in the octagon building Nope.