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Summoning Guide

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Summoning Guide

This is a simple summoning guide that will show you the way I did summoning. There are multiple ways doing summoning but this guide will show you one of the best methods in my opinion.

How to get there:

Task tab > Teleports > Skilling > More > More > More > Summoning

The basics:


You want to get these supplies. It contains; Shards, Pouches and your charms.

There are different charms and these charms will give different amount of xp and require different levels to use.

My method of summoning:

lvl 1-28


goldcharm.png Gold charms goldcharm.png

spirit wolf puch.png Spirit wolf pouch spirit wolf puch.png

Requires: 1 wolf bone, 7 shards each pouch

lvl 28-56


greencharm.png Green charms greencharm.png

Compost_mound_pouch_detail.png Compost mound pouchCompost_mound_pouch_detail.png

Requires: 1 compost, 47 shards each pouch

lvl 56-64


greencharm.png Green charms greencharm.png

Ibis_pouch_detail.png Ibis pouch Ibis_pouch_detail.png

Requires: 1 harpoon, 109 shards each pouch

lvl 64-83


crimcharm.png Crimson charm crimcharm.png

Stranger_plant_pouch_detail.png Stranger plant pouch Stranger_plant_pouch_detail.png

Requires: 1 bagged plant (1), 128 shards each pouch

lvl 83-89


crimcharm.png Crimson charm crimcharm.png

Spirit_dagannoth_pouch_detail.png Spirit dagannoth pouch Spirit_dagannoth_pouch_detail.png

Requires: 1 dagannoth hide, 1 spirit shard each pouch

lvl 89-99


bluecharm.png Blue charm bluecharm.png

Geyser_titan_pouch_detail.png Spirit geyser titan Geyser_titan_pouch_detail.png

Requires: 1 water talisman, 222 shards each pouch

**Note: This method may not be the best but it's the method I use when I do summoning and I find it very easy to do, if you know a better way please don't hesitate doing it your own way**

- Usch

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