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Donation overhaul

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I should probably start making individual threads for more notable updates, such as this.

The method of exchanging bonds for items has been completely overhauled. I've gotten rid of this old system and replaced it with Donator store credits, this means players are no longer be limited to donating a minimum amount of $15 for a bond. This also allows me to set prices for items down to the last cent, 1 credit = 1 cent, so a Mystery box for example is 240 credits, or $2.40. To add to this, I've also reduced the prices of basically all items you can buy, for example, a primal weapon set is now $24.90, instead of previously costing 3 bonds, or $45. I've also added new items to the store, and there will be more to come in the future. 

The credit chest can be found in the home bank, I've replaced the chest model to a nicer looking one, and completely rewritten the old inefficient dialogue.
***Iron accounts are limited to what they can purchase, being nothing other than costmetics, mboxes and bonds.***

We're in the final stages of having automatic donations set up & a store page added to the forum, you can expect to see this hopefully within the next couple of days.


I apologize for my poor formatting, I'm tired, and suck at making decent looking threads

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