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Donator Benefits

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Regular Donator
$15 USD/1500 Credits/1 Bond

::ge command
::yell command
Faster run restore
One bonus daily spin
::fly and ::land commands
10% longer lasting potions
25% cheaper boss instances
Access to the Golden cannon
10% increased yield while farming
::blueskin and ::greenskin commands
Access to the fully functional Keepsake system
Godwars doors only require 15 Killcount to pass
Faster summoning familiar special attack restore

Regular Donator shop

Extreme Donator
$30 USD/3000 Credits/2 Bonds

All of the Regular Donator benefits & commands

Fastest run restore
Two bonus daily spins
Fast lodestone teleports

20% longer lasting potions
Access to the Royale cannon
50% cheaper boss instances
Ability to set the color of your title
20% increased yield while farming
Godwars doors only require 10 Killcount to pass
Ability to change your Yell prefix, color and shade
Ability to set your title to a custom one of your choosing
Ability to remove your current Slayer task with ::removetask
Cluescrolls only require 1 step before obtaining a reward casket

Extreme Donator shop


Philanthropist Title
(Donate a total of $50 USD to unlock this title)
The Philanthropist title is merely for those who wish to show how much they've supported the server,
donating $50 or more does not unlock you any benefits above Extreme Donator.


$50 > $99
Bronze Title


$100 > $149
Silver Title


$150 > $199
Gold Title


$200 > $249
Blue/Diamond Title


Green Title

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