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  1. Staff applications

    As of right now, and most likely for some time to come, we do not and will not be needing any extra staff members on our team. As such, this subforum has been locked until further notice. - Xen
  2. Cap Skill lvls

    I see where you're going with this, and I get your reasoning behind it, but it just seems weird to do that. I appreciate all of your suggestions as it shows you care for the server, but I don't think I'll be implementing this. For future reference, when you next make a suggestion, try to incorporate a little more detail and reasoning behind it. This gives more ideas to expand off of and more for people to discuss, instead of it just being a single sentence post. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  3. Lols Bag of tricks

    I appreciate that you're taking the time to give suggestions, keep it up. 1, I can do this for sure, the shops are pretty bland and don't account for people on harder difficulties. 2, I know Woodcutting and Mining both give their respective outfits, however I'm unsure about the others. 3, I know the Adze and Ring of Fire are obtainable, I just can't remember how. (Ask Igor) 4, Last time I checked, using bones on an altar does yield xp, but just the regular amount. For bonus experience you need to use a marble or gilded altar in a PoH. 5, You'll have to clarify on that. 6, The easiest place to smelt for non-donators is Edgeville. The donator zone has banks, anvils & a furnace all next to each other. I plan to keep it this way as to give Donators more QoL things. 7, Cooking gauntlets are obtainable via the SoF, I could possibly add other methods for obtaining them, though. 8, I could do this, however things like low tier gems are readily available at the gem rocks mining teleport, as with higher tier at the lava flow mine. I'm not a fan of adding everything to shops, as it can make certain aspects of skills dead content. 9, Yup, this is something I can do. 10, There's scimitar stalls that require 50 thieving in the main shops building west of home if you're after easy cash via thieving, these can then be sold to Horvik standing in the bank at home.
  4. Donation overhaul

    I should probably start making individual threads for more notable updates, such as this. The method of exchanging bonds for items has been completely overhauled. I've gotten rid of this old system and replaced it with Donator store credits, this means players are no longer be limited to donating a minimum amount of $15 for a bond. This also allows me to set prices for items down to the last cent, 1 credit = 1 cent, so a Mystery box for example is 240 credits, or $2.40. To add to this, I've also reduced the prices of basically all items you can buy, for example, a primal weapon set is now $24.90, instead of previously costing 3 bonds, or $45. I've also added new items to the store, and there will be more to come in the future. The credit chest can be found in the home bank, I've replaced the chest model to a nicer looking one, and completely rewritten the old inefficient dialogue. ***Iron accounts are limited to what they can purchase, being nothing other than costmetics, mboxes and bonds.*** We're in the final stages of having automatic donations set up & a store page added to the forum, you can expect to see this hopefully within the next couple of days. I apologize for my poor formatting, I'm tired, and suck at making decent looking threads
  5. Elder/Crystal trees

    Just checked, unfortunately they're not in our cache revision, I'd have liked to add them.
  6. Addiction post

  7. Hello, V3!

    So good to see some OG Hype players finding the server, welcome back (:
  8. Wilderness Warbands guide

    Great guide my dude, that wildywyrm looked so real it almost scared me for a second
  9. Selling 3 Sirenic masks

  10. Lodestones!

    Lodestones are available, you just have to travel there first and unlock them (:
  11. Selling 3 Sirenic masks

    Only really interested in a bcp, murmur or cash. Got a pair of chaps now*****
  12. Can do the first one, have been meaning to do it for a while now. Not going to add a ::shops command, it takes < 10 seconds to run down the path. Basically what Innocence said. Can do the third, I will eventually look into it.
  13. Donator Benefits

    Regular Donator $15 USD/1500 Credits/1 Bond ::ge command ::donatorboss ::donatorzone ::yell command Faster run restore One bonus daily spin ::fly and ::land commands 10% longer lasting potions 25% cheaper boss instances Access to the Golden cannon 10% increased yield while farming ::blueskin and ::greenskin commands Access to the fully functional Keepsake system Godwars doors only require 15 Killcount to pass Faster summoning familiar special attack restore Regular Donator shop Extreme Donator $30 USD/3000 Credits/2 Bonds All of the Regular Donator benefits & commands ::bank Fastest run restore Two bonus daily spins ::extremedonatorzone Fast lodestone teleports 20% longer lasting potions Access to the Royale cannon 50% cheaper boss instances Ability to set the color of your title 20% increased yield while farming Godwars doors only require 10 Killcount to pass Ability to change your Yell prefix, color and shade Ability to set your title to a custom one of your choosing Ability to remove your current Slayer task with ::removetask Cluescrolls only require 1 step before obtaining a reward casket Extreme Donator shop Philanthropist Title (Donate a total of $50 USD to unlock this title) The Philanthropist title is merely for those who wish to show how much they've supported the server, donating $50 or more does not unlock you any benefits above Extreme Donator. $50 > $99 Bronze Title $100 > $149 Silver Title $150 > $199 Gold Title $200 > $249 Blue/Diamond Title $250+ Green Title
  14. BGS spec

    Can do, I'll get this done now as it'll only take a second.
  15. Jak

    Hey Jak, welcome to Aeon, I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions about the server don't hesitate to ask.