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    • 1. That's fair, and as far as I know a FAQ post is being created that will have this in it. 2. For the most part the shops are pretty easy to understand once you look at them. The combat shops mostly look like the type of weaponry/armor they sell. 3. Personally I don't feel that there's a problem with the teleports but others might. 4. Slayer itself should not be giving gear/weapons/drops but killing monsters for slayer xp does. There is also the opportunity to do boss slayer tasks down stairs in the building directly south of the home teleport. 5. Understandable but there's always the option to ask in the friend's chat. The chat is always available and provided that someone's on you should receive an answer. 6. Fair enough. 7. I find the crystal key rewards to be perfect and I've been playing on this server and the one it is based on since the day after its release. 8. Fair enough. 9. I haven't heard of many complaints with clue locations and it would only hinder most people if they were changed as they're committed to memory by now. I can see where you're coming from though as it can throw new players off. 10. I have no real input here.
    • Howdy Aeon, I know a lot of you will not know me... So let me introduce myself :D... My real name is Ryan, I'm from the United States (Kentucky),  and I have a lot of experience with Runescape aswell as Runescape Private Servers as I've been an active player since 2008. Since joining Aeon I started to take notes on what I believe could make this server a lot better, and here they are * A "warning" for new players telling them that Turael doesn't give slayer points for tasks.
      * Rework/Relocate Shop NPCs... ( Move them to the edge of the room, and line them up for easier access and more inviting for new players... Maybe rename the shops or choose different NPCs to help distinguish the difference in the shops. )
      * Rework the teleports to make them less cluttered and to be new player friendly.
      * Add better rewards for slayer... For example maybe some decent gear, weapons, ckeys, etc...
      * Offer an option to ask where your assignment is to help new players who don't necessarily know where every single monster is located.
      * Fix NULL creatures ( Wolves on white wolf mountain...) **I'm sure there are more I just have not found any more yet.**
      * Make Crystal key rewards better and worth while for veteran/older members
      * When creating an account, mention the drop rate increase that goes along with each xp difference.
      * Make clue scroll dig sites accurate to current rs spots.
      * Allow teleportation from 30 or below wilderness with glory. * When in fixed mode, the squeel of fortune's UI is slightly off the screen.. a small bug but is annoying to look at.
    • Aeon In-Game Rules   A. Inappropriate Members, Disrespect, Harrassment: Dealt with by staff depending on severity. As a online community coming together from all over the world, many of us will be of a different ethnic group, religion, race, may have different morals, beliefs, and so on. We're all willing to defend our beliefs, so remember to respect each others values and beliefs, even if they aren't yours.    1. You are not expected to understand each others beliefs and values, but you are expected to respect them. Inappropriate/disrespectful behavior toward another player or Staff Member about any of these values/beliefs, or in general, is considered an infraction. The ignore system is in the game to help prevent this, but does not dismiss this rule. 
        2.  Chat within the Yell Chat, Clan Chat, or Public Chat is moderated by staff, and any content flagged inappropriate by a Staff Member will result in punishment/warnings left to the discretion of the Staff Member dealing with that situation. Examples Include: Sensitive topics, bashing/flaming of a player/Staff Member, etc.  - Staff Members are trained to detect and respond to these situations appropriately. You are expected to obey the staff and their decisions during these situations. If you see a situation not being handled by staff, or believe that staff have not handled a situation properly, please report it on the forums here.   3. Do not harass players or staff. Harassment of players seen by a Staff Member or reported on the forums with viable proof will result in a certain level of punishment. Harassment of a Staff Member will result in a certain level of punishment immediately.  - Do not harass Staff Members about a staff position. It may result in punishment, and you will not be considered for a staff position in the future. - Do not "Backseat Moderate", it is fine to help control a situation, but telling a Staff Member what/what not to do is considered a nuisance and is frowned upon.   4. Foul language is allowed, however it must be in moderation and may not be used to flame another player/ Staff Member.    B. Advertisement: Temporary - Permanent ban depending on severity. You are not allowed to advertise any other RSPS's, or inappropriate/questionable links in-game. Infraction upon this rule will result in immediate removal from Aeon.
        1. You are allowed to use commonly known links/names (Such as Voting Sites, platforms such as Youtube, popular gaming sites for other games such as Blizzard.org, so on). - Links given are expected to direct to the intended address. If the link directs to anything besides the description given, it is considered an infraction. - Infringement upon this rule isn’t based off only links. If you mention the name of any current and active server besides Aeon (Servers that no longer exist are acceptable), it is considered an infraction. - Use better judgement. If you think a link is unacceptable, don’t use it. If you question whether it is or not, ask a staff member to review it before posting it.   2. If you wish to use an inappropriate or questionable link, they may only be posted in the NSFW channel within our Discord. This channel is intended for users 18+ of age, and allows off topic and inappropriate links. These rules still apply: - Links given are expected to direct to the intended address. If the link directs to anything besides the description given, it is considered an infraction. - You may not link any other RSPS's in this section.   3. Phishing/any malicious links will not be tolerated, and will result in an Immediate IP Ban from all platforms on Aeon, no appeal allowed.   C. Spamming: Temporary - Permanent Mute depending on severity. Spamming will result in punishment enforced by the discretion of the Staff Member dealing with it. There is no reason to spam on the server, and if you're found to have multiple infractions, you may be permanently muted, or removed from Aeon.   1. Do not spam advertise things that you are selling/buying, or looking for. Wait a little while (a few minutes) between each advertisement, and make use of the Buying and Selling threads on the forums.    2. Do not abuse your yell privileges, they can be removed from you and you will be at risk of a mute.    3. Do not spam other players, public chat, or the Aeon Clan Chat including through PM, and account actions such as Trading. If you are found to be spamming through player actions, you are at risk of being removed from the community.   4. Auto-Typers of any kind are not allowed.    D. Hacking/Threats: Immediate IP Ban. Threats of safety or denial of service/hacking another player is not allowed. This is a serious offense and will result in permanent removal from Aeon.   1. Threatening the server through hacking or denial of service will result in immediate removal from Aeon on all of its platforms.   2. Threatening the safety of a player or Staff Member will result in immediate removal from Aeon and all of its platforms. This includes releasing private information about other players, IP's, and links to their social media that they do not approve to be released. - Threatening online is not a joke. This is not tolerated.   E. Third-Party Programs: Jail - Temp - Perm Ban, Depending on severity. Usage of third party programs provides an unfair advantage against the rest of community, ruining the stability of the server and possibly affecting things such as the economy and high-scores. We want our community to have equal opportunity while playing our server, so use of programs such as auto-clickers, ghost mouse, and auto-typers will result in punishments from jail time all the way to a permanent ban.   F. Evasion Of Punishment: Immediate IP Ban. We do not hand out punishments for no reason. 
      Punishments are given to players to help them learn from their mistakes/protect our community from unstable rule breakers that do nothing but ruin the game for everyone else. If you feel you've been wrongly punished, report it on the forums. Otherwise, submit an appeal on the forums and we'll try to get you back on the server as fast as we can, as long as the situation permits.  - Evasion of a dealt punishment will result in further punishment/possible removal from Aeon completely.   G. VPN: Immediate Ban. Usage of a VPN to vote can get our server removed from RSPS sites. If you do this, you will be banned. - Usage of a VPN to bypass certain in-game restrictions, gain starter kits, etc. falls under this category.   H. Encouragement Of Rule Breaking: Dealt with by staff depending on severity. Encouraging, paying, or suggesting breaking a rule to another player is not acceptable, and will get you, and possibly that player, punished depending on the severity of the situation.   I. Bug Abuse: Permanent Ban. Bugs/glitches should be reported on the forums, or to a staff member. Any found abuse of a bug/glitch will result in an immediate ban, and if unbanned, a possible wipe of your account depending on the situation.    

      will be completed 3/18. cosmetic fixes, grammar corrections, specifications, and rules to come. - 3/17